The Team

We strive to provide the very best expertise in all areas of operation for non-profit organisations that are also working to develop and improve education and training opportunities for young people. Any business can buy our expertise for a specific project, or can enter into a long-term partnership and receive our full time support and services by joining the ALF family.

ALF Education Team

The Outdoor Education Team consists of highly trained full-time instructors and teachers supported by a pool of regular freelancers who top up our requirements as needed. They all come with a broad range of knowledge, a wealth of experience and an enthusiasm for learning in the outdoors.
As professionals, safety & quality are our priority. We provide enjoyment, achievement and adventure, and promote independence in an excitingly challenging yet controlled environment. Our team have a deep understanding of how children learn and are committed to meeting the needs of both pupils and staff on such visits.

ALF Marketing

Through implementing sound strategies, mining your data and translating that into structured messaging, we will ensure that you are making the most of your organisations potential.

ALF Sales & Bookings

At the heart of our sales team is a state of the art booking system, developed by Panoptics to deliver tailored bookings and operational reports. Each member has their own account team, who will have a thorough understanding of each member’s unique offering, and so can offer advice and support to ensure that each customer has their requirements met.

ALF Finance

Our finance team understand how to make a charities financial resources work for them and can advise on a range of issues from VAT to scheduling and cash flow. Our process will eliminate unnecessary costs and make sure that you are making the most of your assets.

ALF Hospitality

Our catering team really know how to provide high taste, low cost, refreshments to an eclectic clientele through vending machines, cafes and gourmet catering.

ALF Fundraising

We all need additional funds to allow us to continue to delivery our essential services to young people. We can provide one off advice or partner with you to run a full campaign for a specific project. In addition our team access funds that provide funding for ALF wide schemes, either from external funding partners or through our own bursary scheme.


An organisations most valuable resource is often their people, their team of paid and volunteer staff who will go that extra mile to ensure the organisation succeeds. Therefore it is vital that all ALF members have the very best HR processes and systems that will look after ALF team members to ensure they are also realising their potential.