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Longridge Activity Centre

Set in a unique riverside location near Marlow, Buckinghamshire, Longridge provides a range of exciting water sports and land-based activities aimed at young people of all abilities. As well as 12 acres of beautiful water meadows we have our own island, ‘Taylor Island’ for the ultimate swallows and amazons experience. Taylor island also gives us a sheltered backwater in which young people can experience the river with confidence.

Helping young people grow as individuals through outdoor activities and adventure

85,000 young people will visit our world-class facilities this year and Longridge boasts a proud 60 year history and an excellent safety record. Our visitors range from schools and youth groups to individuals and corporate clients not to mention the Women’s Olympic Rowing Team and GB Kayaking Teams.

Longridge is run by a team of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers and paid staff. We are approved by the BCU (British Canoe Union), RYA (Royal Yacht Association) and British Rowing. As well as AALA, Bucks County Council, Learning Outside the Classroom.

Each year we run a large number of courses ranging from beginner skills right through to advanced coaching and instruction.  We have a range of facilities including well equipped accommodation for all needs, from camping to bunk house accommodation and indoor meeting and training spaces.

Longridge helps young people from all walks of life and abilities to develop water skills as well as leadership, self-discipline, confidence and respect. We rely on donations to expand and improve our site, click here to learn more about our current Campaign to improve our accommodation.

Acknowledgement of risk

There will always be some real risk involved in the adventure activities we offer. This residual risk is inherent in the activity and cannot be eliminated without devaluing the activity, or the reason for doing it. The risk is generally confined to a similar level which a normal child involved in normal active play may experience, or a normal adult involved in normal active recreation. We believe the level of risk is low and is a tolerable risk when compared to the benefits. However, you must decide if you consider it tolerable.

Civil and criminal law requires that we take all reasonable care of you. We believe we do more than the law requires, but certain inherent risks may still remain which we cannot remove without destroying the nature of the activity. Our aim is to reduce risks to the lowest tolerable level consistent with the nature and ethos of the activity. We fully accept our legal and moral responsibilities in these matters but feel that you, as a normal, caring parent or guardian would wish to be fully informed about what the participant may experience.